My last post I talked about how I was dying to try out the queen of brows Ms Kelly Baker Brows, and how when I tried to book an appointment, her studio wasn’t handicap accessible! Well Kelly Baker herself saw my post and reached out to me and said, She agreed that Everyone including people with disabilities needed to have fab brows!!! So I am happy to say she made the notice on her website that if you wanted to book an appointment she will be sure to make arrangements for you. I am so excited about this because it shows my blog is serving its purpose of bringing awareness to the masses about people with disabilities and all the things we deserve to have access to like everyone else!!! I want to say Thank You So Much to Kelly Baker for acknowledging my dilemma and going the extra mile to accommodate my fellow differently abled people here in La La Land!!! 

Thank you Kelly Baker!! You Rock!!!  I Will Be Checking You Out Soon Because I’m Due for a Brow Touch-up!!! 😉 
Check out the pic below which was a screenshot of her site and all the info you need to book your appointment now!!!

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