Moving to LA was a huge step in my life. It’s been hard to be consistent with my life goals and dreams dealing with health issues and just life struggles in general. I’m an aspiring model and actress but I’m not your average cute face and great smile that you would see on a beauty ad, well at least NOT YET. I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida, which has caused me to be paralyzed. I’ve had numerous surgeries to correct my deformed feet, and also had a shunt placed in my brain at a month old due to having hydrocephalus. Early this year I finally had it removed due to an infection and doctors determining I no longer needed it.

As a kid I always loved fashion, make up, skin care, and hair just overall beauty. It was a fun hobby for me. I always accepted opportunities to express myself, my art.  I’ve always been told I have an exotic look and a big diva personality to match that made me destined to be a star. Little did I know once I got older society would see something different. Trying to book modeling jobs or sign with modeling agencies alongside girls who stand over 5 ft tall and slim then being rejected because they are closer to society’s image of perfection. This is where great family and friends are important! I have such an amazing support system of encouragement but now is time for me to give back to people that are just like me!

I love to go out to social gatherings and networking events. Being in Hollywood is the perfect place for that. My friends always know where the hot spots are. One night I was at a networking event which I had a great time but UNFORTANTLEY the place was not handicap accessible. Which lead me to want to start this blog “Accessible Hollywood.” It serves as a guide to others like me who need handicap accommodations on a daily bases who come to LA to pursue their passion in the arts whatever that may be. This will show you what events, venues, etc. that are accessible or not accessible and also my experiences. I have a lot of them to share, some good, some not so good. I even did a shoot with a photographer who had a studio on a 2nd floor. She didn’t even think twice after I told her, “I am handicap.”  Who wants to always remind people or call every event you want to attend just to ask, “Are you handicap accessible?’”.  Some people have no idea what you mean when you say that. Yes I’ve had people say “Hold on. Let Me Check,” *insert side eye emoji here* lol. Yes you would think people automatically know, but they don’t and I feel it is my responsibility to show up and show out for our voices to be heard so we (people with disability) don’t always have to go through this. We need to let society know that WE can have just as much fun as able bodied people. What better place to do it then in the city of dreams!

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