So this is the eve of my 34th birthday. I’m spending it doing a lot of reflecting and really taking the time to appreciate my life. A lot has happen in a small amount of time, good and bad. I guess that’s life. This next year I am working on organizing my life more and taking everything one step at a time. I’ve learned so much about myself, and have a more solid sense of self. It’s true what they say you never really stop learning and I’m continuing to take the time to learn more and perfect my craft. To be a better writer, a better actor & model, a better person. I’m very excited that my website is officially done and I love how much its evolved. (Take A Look Around And Let Me Know What You Think) To think it just started out as an idea from just wanting something to change. I’m so excited for the future and all the things to come. I really would love your feedback on things you would like for me to cover and or talk about. Or just more of showing my every life. I just love making a difference by showing people with disabilities can do anything we put our minds to and I love having fun while doing it. That’s it. Thanks for listening and look out for my next post which will be about my trip next week. It will be an exciting one I promise so stay tuned!!!!