So by now, I’m sure you have seen my most recent photos from The Parfait Lingerie #PerfectFigure Campaign that Launched New Years Day

Growing up as a young girl I loved looking at catalogs, and, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and looking at how beautiful the models were, I had always imagined that would be me one day, but I always felt that would never happen. Some people would always tell me “No one would ever want to see a model with a disability and if they did they for sure wouldn’t want one that’s plus size like you”.

So I never really thought I would ever be someone’s model, but that for sure never stopped me from expressing my art. I still loved being in front of the camera, and I’ve come a long way with being completely confident in who I am and how I look and not being afraid to flaunt it. Trust me it’s for sure been a JOURNEY.

But Never Say Never.

When I was contacted by Parfait to participate in this campaign, I wasn’t sure how people would receive it. I mean let’s be honest; seeing a curvy black girl, with natural hair, in a wheelchair modeling lingerie, is something new for mass media but, I felt more then ever it was time to be bold and create the images I’ve always wanted to see.

I feel lingerie is not always to be sexy for your significant other, woman like to feel sexy for themselves contrary to what people may think, and that includes women with disabilities. We wear bras and panties, why not be comfortable and feel sexy in it also? I love Parfait because they carry a long range of sizes, from A-K cup, and every piece is gorgeous.

I’m so excited to be partnering with them this year to show everyone, that women with disabilities can be sexy just as much as the next woman.

Want your chance to attend CurvyCon in New York head over to Parfait Lingerie for details on how to enter, I can’t wait to see your entries Click Here for Details

Thank you, Parfait Lingerie for including me in this very important project of, Diversity, Inclusion & Body Positivity

Here are some of the amazing shots from the #PerfectFigure campaign & The behind the scenes video of all the fun we had!!

*All Images Are Courtesy of Parfait Lingerie 

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Until Next Time, Tatiana A. Lee

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