Happy New Year everyone and I hope your holiday was amazing. I got a little bit of rest but, when you work for yourself honestly vacation never really happens, I feel there is always some work to do.

I have been training with an acting coach over the holidays, and I did a shoot right before Christmas (More About That In Next Post) but, I must say putting in all that work while everyone is enjoying the holiday paid off cause I came into 2018 with a bang.

Before the holidays I got together for a shoot with Stephanie Thomas who is my stylist, mentor, and good friend along with my friend Darrien who is a transcendent photographer. Torrid has sponsored some of my last few event outfits, and Stephanie and I wanted to get some great promo shots as a thank you to them for sponsoring me. Sending a company some photos doesn’t always guarantee they are going to share them if it’s not up to their standard. So I didn’t know what was gonna happen with the photos.

This whole plan was Stephanie’s conception and I was like “I’m your model, let’s do it”.  I got Darrien on board then I scheduled an appointment to have my make-up done by my friend Bryanna at The Nordstrom Counter. Mind you around this time I wasn’t feeling well. I was having a bad joint flair up and stomach aches, Stephanie asked me if I wanted to cancel our plans to shot and I told her no, I said: “I set all this up we are doing this shoot, I’m gonna pull it together.”

About a week after sending the photos, I went on my IG and I got the notification that I was tagged by Torrid, I was so ecstatic, I started seeing all the amazing comments and the final photo that became the winner.

I also found out Torrid as a company has never shared a photo of anyone with a visible disability so for this to be the first time made me even more excited.

The feedback was amazing, “we want to see more of her” and “thanks for promoting inclusion” and even responses from other women with disabilities who are an avid fan of Torrid who was so proud of the positive representation of someone who wheels like them. It was such a proud moment of fashion meeting inclusion. Read some of the comments below:











I want to Thank Stephanie for suggesting we do this shoot and for styling me and to Darrien London Photography for taking the photos, my sister Alice for being the most amazing assistant/ driver for the day, and to Bryanna for beating my face just like the photo of  MakeupShayla I gave her.  Thank you to Torrid Fashion for promoting inclusion and keeping a girl styling. ;p

Head Over to Torrid to see the winning photo and show them some love for supporting inclusion!!

Photos from Shoot Below:

Let me know if you like the shirt? Its a Cur8able Exclusive Designed By Stephanie Thomas it Says, “Inspirational? Influential.” Stephanie’s thought that this shirt was a great conversation piece and I agree, a lot of times able-body people tell others with disabilities ” Oh your so inspirational” but we are not here for your inspiration. I usually say to them, “what did I do to inspire you” if I’m living my normal life why is that so inspiring? Now to be influential takes more effort. Effort that a lot of times society doesn’t expect people with disabilities to make.

Here are Stephanie’s thoughts on the subject from her Instagram:

“Inspiration vs. Influence
Inspiration sparks an emotional quickening. It uplifts, infuses us with hope, generates new ideas and gives us the sense of possibility and faith.
Influence exerts a specific, directive force to provoke change on a sometimes daily or consistent basis. Influence makes things happen.
Inspiration is emotional and passive. Influence is active and intentional.
(From KarenKeller.com)”

Check Out The Winning Photo Below:

Thank for reading,

Let me know your thoughts about the photos and about Torrid supporting inclusion by sharing my photo??