New Years Eve is my favorite holiday and I had to make sure I partied it up right! Around the holidays I was on Snapchat and I got a snap from my cousin Perry telling me that he and my other cousin Kyle was hosting a NYE party and at this point I still didn’t have any concrete plans for NYE. So I wanted to support my cousins by checking out the event, not to mention it was only 6 bucks and that’s a deal. Concitering most of the best NYE parties in LA are $1000 and up, and right now your girl hasn’t made it big yet so I’m balling on a budget. By the way my cousins Perry and Kyle are both very talented music producers and business men. Kyle has a a creative platform called Is My Shit Tight were he lets creative types share their content either if your a musician, model, designer etc, and he ask random people on the streets of Hollywood if they think your content is tight or not. 

They collaborated on this NYE party with a friend who is also another cool artist named Jeu Green and this event served as a networking party for artist types and also gave a few rap artist and DJs to put on for the crowd. I’m not gonna lie I was so excited about this event. Most people don’t know but when I lived on the East Coast I was a promoter for underground hip hop artist when I gave up on modeling for awhile. So this type of event is so in my element. The events venue was this really chill creative space called The Mime in an area of LA called Echo Park. When you come to the door of The Mime their are some steps to get in but I was greeted at the door and was escorted to a side entrance which took you right to the floor. It was so simple and no issues with my getting in with my wheelchair.  When you walked in everyone was having a great time jamming to Rayna Zemel spinning and the feminist in me loves to see women dj. It’s so empowering, you can check out more of her music here. So my sister, roommate, and I came in and danced a little bit then drank a little bit. The event was BYOB which I think is great when your on a budget, the event was also 420 friendly if that’s what your into ;). Everyone was just having a great time talking and grooving to the music and I was vibing to the music right along with everyone. Kyle introduced me to a few of his friends and one of them who goes by the name of Ben Great performed earlier before I got there. (Yes I was a little fashionable late) but he said he would perform again which I thought was kind of cool since I missed it. His performance was pretty dope and you can check him out here. We danced and drank the night away laughing joking and having small talk and then I was ready to sober up a little with some breakfast. So we headed for our Uber and left. 

Overall the experience was awesome, the people that hosted put on a great event and the venue was very accessible with no issues. This is how a host should treat the people attending especially making sure the proper accommodations are met for someone with a disability to have a good time. It doesn’t take up too much time, just some consideration. so if your in Echo Park and looking for a great venue check out The Mime

Check out Some Pix of the Night Below: 


this was me before the night started , sorry i didnt get a full length shot, my shoes were on point! next time


Me with my sister Alice, and my cousins Kyle & Perry I thought the camera man said put your thumbs up. im too crazy! Lol


Me & my cousin Perry getting too turnt up!! Aye!!

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