So one of my favorite spots to hang out for some great drinks and appetizers is PF Changs in Santa Monica. They have awesome drinks for a decent price and the best appetizers, who doesn’t love their famous lettuce wraps. If you go there during their Happy Hour the prices are even better. My fave one to go to is the one in Santa Monica on the famous Wilshire Blvd next to the 3rd Street Promonade. Recently I went and actually sat at the bar and noticed something I’ve never seen before they had an wheelchair accessible bar. It’s a spot in the middle of the bar that’s lower then the rest of the bar and it’s easy to just roll up to it and order your drink and appetizers and mingle with everyone else at the bar. The bartenders and servers were super friendly, and great to talk to. The only downside to my visit was the parking. The best parking if you don’t have a handicap plaquered is the parking structure behind the restaurant but the best parking is on the 2nd floor and they did not have a ramp to enter the elevator to exit the parking structure. I felt this was a major no no. I had to wheel myself down to the first floor which could be patiently dangerous if your not careful. Happy Hour Times are Monday- Friday 3pm-7pm  and most drinks and appetizers range from $3-$7 during this time!! 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys on my next adventure around LA!!! 
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