Before my trip to Silicon Valley, I accomplished a huge milestone, my 34th birthday! See, when you are a person with a disability you kind of look at birthdays a little different because of all the health issues you can have. So I love to just enjoy making it another year. However, this year was more low key then usual (which is so not me). In attendance was my mom and younger sister. We had lunch at one of my usual brunch spots, Michelle’s Country Diner in Baldwin Hills and before that we got mani/pedi’s at the House of Polish.


My Birthday Brunch With Mom, & Sister


I’ve been to this nail salon before but I wanted to visit a few more times before I gave it the Accessible Hollywood seal of approval. When I rolled inside I was transported into a beautiful white walled oasis. I was greeted by the receptionist and after checking in they whisked me away to these relaxing chairs where I was asked would I like, coffee, tea or water.


Photo Courtesy of House of Polish IG

House of Polish Infamous Polish Wall

Photo Courtesy of House Of Polish IG





They have a beautiful logo on the wall along with modern pieces of art. They helped me transfer out of my chair and into the chairs that have a massager (omg, its heaven). I had one manicurist working on my feet and another on my hands. I felt like a queen for a day! They did an amazing job and they took there time.

At House Of Polish Feeling Like Queen For A Day

They really care about the people that come in and there is plenty of space for me to roll around which I love. There’s nothing worse then trying to maneuver around and not being able to move about freely.
The prices aren’t to bad either. One of my favorite things about this place is they never use the same nail files, scrubbers, and utensils twice. Due to my Spina Bifida I am highly susceptible to infections on my feet (I don’t play that). They also disinfect the basins after every use so you never have to worry about germs which is a winner for me. All and all I love this place and will continue coming back. If you live in LA or ever come to LA you have to check out House Of Polish in Beverly Hills. It’s clean, accessible and accommodating! Check out House of Polish. Until Next Time!! 💋


Tatiana A. Lee