On November 28th of 2015 I went to Amalfi,
an Italian Eatery and a quaint venue for entertainment upstairs called Room 5. It’s on the famous La Brea Blvd in this swanky neighborhood in LA called Hancock Park. I promised my friend Sheldon Botler, an amazing singer, musician, and photographer that I would
attend his performance. He is absolutely talented I encourage you to check him
out.  I haven’t been to any of his shows in awhile so I was so excited to be able to attend this one. Before I was heading out my mom asked, “It says the event is on the second floor. Do you know if they have an elevator?” I totally didn’t check. Sometimes I forget that some places
aren’t up to code and don’t have an elevator or some form of accessibility for
the handicap. I’m sure I can speak for most when I say it’s demeaning to have
to think about the possibility of not attending an event because of my physical

We called the venue and the lady who answered the phone was very nice but it was obvious she was shocked that the question was even asked, she was not ready. Lol. She replied “I don’t think we have an elevator but let me ask.” She returned and said “I’m sorry we don’t” but her tone was as if she was sorry
that I would miss the show. I was not about to miss my friends show that I
already bought tickets for. When I, Miss Tatiana Lee, have a mission I find a way to make it happen! So I proceeded to ask her how many steps are their. She said about 10. I know I’m capable of handling that so I let her know that I will still be attending the show. Unfortunately, she didn’t offer any assistance.

When we arrived the hostess who was on the
phone earlier noticed me, and she offered no help at all. Two male event goers went up the stairs ahead of me. They didn’t offer any help but honestly I didn’t expect them too. When I assessed the stairs situation it was a lot more than 10 stairs like the woman described. The stairs continued around the corner to another 3 steps. My amazing sister carried my chair while I scooted up the steps without ruining my cute outfit. When I finally made it upstairs there was another person at a host stand to greet us into Room 5. She checked the list for our names then let us right in. The place was packed, which is great because it’s an amazing
turn out for my friend. During the performance Sheldon even expressed that this was the best support he has ever received at Room 5. But surely it was not the ideal space for an average wheelchair user. The tables they had were already full. It was very hard for me to maneuver around the room. I wasn’t able to make my way to the bar to enjoy a drink. I had to ask someone to grab one for me. The tables were crammed together so even if a table in front of the stage was available I wouldn’t have been able to make my way there unless I pushed a bunch of tables and chairs out of my way. It would be way too much work. After climbing
the stairs and trying to buy a drink there was still no employees that offered their help in any way besides serving us food. Even though my sister had to order the food at the bar. After the first set was over  Sheldon Botler Music started setting up their equipment. Some of the crowd left as the new crowd including us made our way in. I found a table just like the second hostess informed us might happen. We really had to rush in and take the table before anyone else did. I would have appreciated if there was an employee that made sure I was given a table but just like the rest of my experience here at room 5 I had to take matters into my own hand. I made my way to the table so I can
enjoy the show I came for which wasn’t short of amazing. Something you must experience in person.  I must say it was well worth
the climb, my friend did a great job along with his band. After the show I had to make my way back to the stairs which wasn’t as bad as coming in because some people had left by now. I still had to maneuver around a few tables and chairs, which can be very difficult especially after you’ve had a few drinks. On my way back down this cute guy offered to carry my chair. (Who Says Shivery is dead?). I enjoyed the rest of my night with my girls with more drinks and fun. It was a pretty good Saturday night. Luckily I have the movement to climb stairs if need be, but what about someone who can’t?! It’s not fair that everyone can’t partake in a good show at this quaint venue. Room 5 has some work to do in the matters of accommodating the differently able. In this day in age an elevator is extremely necessary if you have more than one floor.
The furniture should be placed with the intent of space not about how many people you can fit in the room. Or even designated handicap spots, so it can be a lot easier for someone to come up and enjoy the great shows and drinks!!!

Overall I will say Room 5 Lounge is a nice venue that has great taste in the people they pick to perform, that’s why they picked Sheldon Botler Music.
But I must say if they made a few changes it would be such a even better, hip, modern hangout spot.

You can find Sheldon Botler Music by clicking here: Sheldon Botler Music

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