Welcome back for another accessible story. I am a makeup and beauty junky, and one of the things I focus on a lot are eyebrows! I notice people’s eyebrows before anything else and I’m the type of person that my eyebrows have to be perfect. I mean lets be honest a great eyebrow sets off the rest of your face. You can even have your face beat, but if your eyebrows are jacked the look is screwed. So needless to say I always strive for the perfect brows, I even go as far as growing out my eyebrows if I go somewhere and they mess them up. I haven’t found a trusted eyebrow person yet since I moved to Los Angeles and I was surely on the hunt. 

I kept hearing about this celebrity eyebrow stylist Kelly Baker Brows, and when I checked out her work I was impressed with her skills, no wonder so many celebrities like Zendaya Coleman, Kelly Rowland, Solange Knowles just to name a few trust her with their precious arches. And since I was on the hunt for that perfect arch I was willing to pay whatever she wanted to work her magic on me. 

Her eyebrow boutique is located in the beautiful Venice Beach area. So I called to schedule and appointment. First I checked her site and it said her shop was on a second floor. So when I called I asked if they had an elevator since it was on a second floor. (Does this story sound familiar?) anyway needless to say they did not have an elevator and I was not happy. My dreams of having that perfect celebrity arch was still just a dream. I could of decided to climb the stairs like I usually do when I want to get somewhere but since I was spending $95 *not including a tip* I was not about to climb those stairs too. It’s a workout especially if I had to drag my own wheelchair. So I gave up and had to figure out a plan B to my hunt for the perfect brows. Not too far from me is a new Ulta and they have a Benfit Brow Bar, I checked it out once but I didn’t like the way the girl did them. So I said let me give them one more shot. I scheduled an appointment and the guy at the Brow Bar was so nice. I told him how I’m perticualr about my brows and I hope he does a great job. I told him my whole Kelly Baker Brows delema and how this was my backup plan. So I sat quiet and let him work his magic, and the end result was very impressive. He even used Benefits Brow Zing brow kit to fill them in a lil. I was so overjoyed because my eyebrows were so on fleek. Lol. I was a very satisfied customer. I even bowed down to show my respect for his skills, and I only paid $23. A huge difference from what I would of paid at Kelly Baker Brows. I am so glad I finally found someone that can work their magic with some wax and some tweezers when my brows get unruly and its totally accessible and not too expensive. 


Check out the brows!! What do you think? 

I’m not saying Kelly Baker Brows is horrible she is still a great artist from what I’ve seen but I guess I won’t find out unless she gets an elevator or a new accessible location. People with disabilities need to have their eyebrows on fleek too, how about you? 

Let me know if you like great eyebrows? 

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