This past Sunday I went to an event hosted by one of my fave Youtubers Shameless Maya. She was celebrating her birthday and the anniversary of her YouTube channel and wanted to use it an opportunity for creative people to network. It was such a honor to be among amazing people who have made it to the position I hope to be in some day.

Mayas work ethic is crazy and I admire her for that. I went to the event with some of my girlfriends which made it even more fun. We waited in line with all the other beautiful people who were so excited to meet the amazing Shameless Maya & Friends. When we got in we were greeted by Maya at the door, she was walking around and taking pix and you know me, I was assessing  the place for accessibility flaws, the front door had a ramp which I was very impressed by. The place was a huge creative space called The Unique Space in the Art District of Downtown LA. Now I’ve been to a few spaces in Downtown LA and a lot aren’t very accessible but so far this place was passing my test.

The room was packed wall to wall with so many other creative types and a lot of beautiful fellow natural haired divas! One thing that was slightly annoying when it came to accessiblity was rows of chair for people to sit during the event and the rows went back so far I couldn’t make my way to the other side of the room without moving a row of chairs, but that was easily fixed by having someone help me move them. Their was a awesome photo booth where you could take pix and my friends and I had to have a little fun with it.  While others were mingling Maya was doing a Meet & Greet and taking pix with other Youtubers on this platform that had steps, and it had the cutest furry chairs which I would of loved to do an impromptu photo shoot on. I was a little upset about the steps seeing as that wasn’t very handicap accessible friendly, but then I saw an elevator was available to get up the platform, that made me want to give Maya & The Unique Space two thumbs up for its accessiblity. Her team even asked me if I needed help in anyway which was awesome.

During the event I got to meet a few of my favorite Youtube/social media personalities like beauty blogger Jackie Aina who was so sweet and stopped to take a pic with me, and Khelo Thomas who is an amazing actor, artist, entrepreneur. We had a great conversation,he was just so cool and down to earth. I also got to meet some of the guys from comedy crew Dormtainment. I was in total fan mode for a moment. We talked about my YouTube and my blog and they thought it was so cool. They gave me great advice about being consistent and sticking to my goals and not giving up when things aren’t easy.

Overall the day way a success. The event passed the accessiblity test and it was the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon 😆

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Below are a few pix from the event:

My Girls & I With Rome,Cam, And Mike Of Dormtainment

Me & Shameless Maya

Me & My Girls Darrien, Keysha & Leslie