Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Raw Beauty Project LA this was an amazing event that was first featured in NY and was a great success The a Raw Beauty Project was founded by Ginny Dixon, Dr Susan Solman, and Wendy Crawford. It later came to LA with the help of the amazing Angela Rockwood some of you may know her amazing story from the show Push Girls, how she struggled with being a quadriplegic after a car accident and she still continued to pursue her love of modeling and fights for inclusion in fashion. It was so awesome to meet Angela she is a huge inspiration in my life and is a shining example of a differently abled model which I admire as being a differently abled model myself. 
The Raw Beauty Project LA featured 25 models with disabilities and they turned their photos into amazing portraits along with their stories of struggle and triumph as extraordinary women with disabilities.When I read everyone’s stories and saw the beautiful works of art I was so inspired to know that I’m not alone when it comes to fighting for inclusion and living life to the fullest as beautiful women changing society one goal at a time. 

The event was held at the Paul Mitchell School in Pasadena and as far as accessibility it was a great venue. A lot of open space and room for people to mingle either standing or in wheelchairs. The hallways to the gallery portion was a little narrow but we all seemed to manage the traffic. The entrance was on a first floor and was very easy to enter. The only thing that was slightly difficult was the area where the refreshments were held. It was a little congested due to the fact that by day it is beauty school and it had booths set up to do hair that made it a lil hard for people in chairs to maneuver and I’m pretty sure I clipped a few people’s legs with my wheels 😬.  I know it’s hard to find a space where you can fit a bunch of people in wheelchairs and standing and make it comfortable. 

All in all The space has great potential but just maybe not for this huge turnout. But the Paul Mitchell School was so gracious to let The Raw Beauty Project LA hold their event there and they also donated hair products for the goody bags that was givin out at the end of the evening. I am appreciative for The Paul Mitchell School’s effort and support. 

I’m so excited this was a great turn out. We need more events like these where we can showcase others with disabilities to let society know we are here and we are doing amazing things just like everyone else. 

I also made friends with a lot of the ladies and they were all so sweet and honored by the support of everyone who came to hear their stories and applaud them. We laughed, mingled, and shared stories and networked and it was a pleasure to be in the room with other amazing women I could relate to. As you know I love fighting for inclusion within fashion and beauty and opportunities like these are a great start to transforming societies ideas of beauty and success. 
Here are a few pictures from this enchanted evening : 

Me Stephanie Thomas of Cur8able & Marcy Lovett two of the awesome models featured!!

Me with Marisa Hamamoto of Infite Flow: A Wheelchair Dance Company & Hillary Marides Miss Wheelchair California

Me with Angela Rockwood the person that helped make this happen in LA

Me & One Of The Featured Models Dani

Two More of The Featured Models Rocio & Jessica

Me & One Of The Founders of The Raw Beauty Project Dr. Susan Solman

Me & My Girl Cynthia She Was Also One Of The Models Featured

Me, Angela, & Cynthia Ramirez on The Red Carpet

Some of The Models & Attendees Mingling

Me & One of The Featured Models Margarita

Dr. Solman & Angela Thanking Everyone

Me & Cynthia Wrapping Up An Amazing Evening with Some Selfies Together

If you want to learn more about The Raw Beauty Project you can find more info here : 
The Raw Beauty Project 

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