Wow! This past month went by so fast. As most of you may know the month of October was packed with multiple celebrations of awareness like, Disability Awareness, Down Syndrome Awareness, Disability Employment Awareness, and of course Spina Bifida Awareness (which you know I rep hard since i have Spina Bifida). This month was full of disability pride and I couldn’t be any prouder. I fight wholeheartedly not only on social media but in my everyday life to make sure everything is accessible to everyone and that inclusion is supported. I am not alone, so many people are fighting right along with me. I don’t like leaving anyone out because I know what it’s like to be left out when everyone else is having fun and you’re just left to yourself. It isn’t a good feeling. I dream of a world where we are seen by our talents and what we bring to the table and by our beauty that shines from within and we are judged by that and that alone. We aren’t quite there yet but i will say society at large is on the right path somewhat but we have a long way to go.

One of the amazing things I got to do this year to celebrate disability awareness was participated in a project with my favorite technology company Apple. I’m a huge Apple user so it was such an honor when I was asked to be apart of this project. Many companies are starting to acknowledge that people with disabilities are consumers like everyone else and we need to be targeted. According to the ADA the market of targeting people with disabilities has 4 times the spending power than the most sought after target of teens. I know some of your minds may be blown, but I’m not surprised.

Apple is on board and they totally get it, they dedicated a whole page ( to accessible products to help consumers like myself be more productive in our everyday life. In this day and age technology plays a huge part in that. I was asked by Apple to come be apart of this project and they used a photo of me on the website (photo seen below).


Me On The Page

I received a call a few weeks later and was asked to be part of the commercial. I had no clue how amazing this commercial was going to be until I saw it. I’m happy it sends a powerful message showing that PWD (People With Disabilities) are productive and go about their day like everyone else. I know we live normal lives but some members of society are not so aware. I’m sure now that one of the largest companies in the world has showcased us, more people are becoming aware. #Awareness

Thank you so much to the people at Apple for doing this project and for creating a whole line of accessible products to advance the lives of people with disabilities. I’m so honored I could be apart of this amazing revolution and thank you for using real people with disabilities and not actors faking it if you’re offended your part of the problem.

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